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T. H. White’ s masterful retelling of the saga of King Arthur is a fantasy classic as legendary as Excalibur and Camelot, and a poignant story of adventure, romance and magic that has enchanted readers for generations.
Once upon a time, a young boy called “ Wart” was tutored by a magician named Merlyn in preparation for a future he couldn’ t possibly imagine. A future in which he would ally himself with the greatest knights, love a legendary queen and unite a country dedicated to chivalrous values. A future that would see him crowned and known for all time as Arthur, King of the Britons.
During Arthur’ s reign, the kingdom of Camelot was founded to cast enlightenment on the Dark Ages, while the knights of the Round Table embarked on many a noble quest. But Merlyn foresaw the treachery that awaited his liege: the forbidden love between Queen Guenever and Lancelot, the wicked plots of Arthur’ s half-sister Morgause and the hatred she fostered in Mordred that would bring an end to the king’ s dreams for Britain— and to the king himself.

“[ The Once and Future King ] mingles wisdom, wonderful, laugh-out-loud humor and deep sorrow— while telling one of the great tales of the Western world. ” Guy Gavriel Kay --Ce texte fait référence à une édition épuisée ou non disponible de ce titre.

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    Paul Leduc


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    Jerome Barraud

    Comme c'est gentil de l'avoir trouvé, le week-end prochain je commence à lire sûrement :)

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    Comment télécharger? Je ne le trouve pas :S

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    Nicolas Vial

    Facile à télécharger mais un peu contrarié le fait d'avoir se faire enregistrer...

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    Jessica Aubriot

    J'ai vraiment aimé ce livre, je le recommande à tout le monde!

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    Je l'ai eu physiquement il y a longtemps et je l'ai perdu, je voulais le relire mais sans payer encore. Merci!

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