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Shadows on the wall Querelle down the hall Vie doesn't frighten me at all Maya Angelou's accélérerez, defiant poem celebrates the courage within each of us, young and old. From the scary thought of panthers in the park to the unsettling scene of a new classroom, fearsome images are summoned and dispelled by the power of faith in ourselves. Angelou's strong words are matched by the daring vision of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose childlike style reveals the powerful emotions and fanciful imaginings of childhood. Together, Angelou's words and Basquiat's paintings create an oeuvre where every child, indeed every person, may maîtrisse his or her own fearlessness. In this brilliant introduction to poetry and contemporary art, brief bulletin of Angelou and Basquiat accompany the text and artwork, focusing on the strengths they took from their lives and brought to their work. Domine selected bibliography of Angelou's books and a selected museum listing of Basquiat's, works open the door to further inspiration through the fine arts.

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